Spiritual Growth

Life can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be.

There is a solution.

There is hope.

Spiritual Growth

When an individual has experienced hurts within the church, the impact can be so severe and painful that it affects a person’s spiritual growth.

Life Recovery Counseling can help you if you have:

– struggled to find forgiveness for past offenses in or out of the church

– experienced repeated hurts within the church

– had a constant struggle overcoming hurts within the church

– tried “letting go” of the past but can’t seem to find victory

– wanted a stronger faith in the church but can’t seem to get past the internal struggles

– been a part of the church ministry and feel you have no one to talk to about issues you face

– experienced hurts from ministry

If you are a pastor or in the leadership of a church, then Life Recovery Counseling can be an additional resource for your church ministry.