Other Life Challenges

Life can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be.

There is a solution.

There is hope.

Other Life Challenges

Other life challenges individuals can face are family difficulties, school, career, and/or financial stress.

FAMILY DIFFICULTIES. Family difficulties can happen to any family. Challenges which can impact a family includes having a blended family, a single parent family, an absent parent, grandparents who raise grandchildren, foster families, adoptive families, illness, disability, job loss, school problems, or marital issues.

SCHOOL. School can be stressful whether attending college or grad school. Some of the problems college and grad students face are time management, debt, doing too much (i.e., job, relationships, extracurricular activities, classes, etc.), experiencing homesickness, depression, health problems, social problems, partying, campus violence/assault, relationships, or choosing a major or degree.

CAREER. If you are experiencing challenges in your current job or career, then it may be time to evaluate the challenges, and possibly make some changes. Career/job challenges can include experiencing work-related stress, dissatisfaction, or becoming unemployed.

FINANCIAL STRESS. Financial problems can create additional stress for an individual’s life. Financial problems may be a surface issue which is due to deeper issues. By exploring the deeper issues which may have led up to financial problems can help start resolving the financial problems.

Life Recovery Counseling can help.