Life can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be.

There is a solution.

There is hope.


FAQs Page

Absolutely NOT! Many people come to therapy when they have difficult situations in life they struggle with, not because they are viewed as “crazy”.
The length of therapy has many factors. Longer therapy sessions are usually due to the severity of an issue and the length of time (i.e., months compared to years) the presenting issue has been a concern.
Because of the nature of the work in therapy, a client may feel worse before they begin to feel better. Think of the process of therapy as cleaning out a closed up, infected wound. If the wound is deep and has been infected for a long time, then opening the wound to be drained will be painful but as the infection clears out, then the pain lessens and healing can happen.
At Life Recovery Counseling, therapists will use an integrative approach to best fit the client’s needs.
You should seek counseling if you are experiencing any of the following:
  • Drastic changes in behavior
  • Changes in sleep or eating habits
  • Depression lasts more than 2 weeks
  • Excessive anxiety
  • Relationship difficulties which are impacting your life
  • Major life transitions, such as job change, a major move, major changes in family dynamics
  • Dealing with a chronic or terminal illness
  • Unable to cope with daily activities
  • Difficulty dealing with stressful situations
  • Thoughts of hurting your self or others
  • Feeling stuck concerning past issues
Therapy sessions are generally 45-50 minutes in length. Longer sessions may be viable if having a longer session (i.e., 60-mins, 75-mins, or 90-mins) is found to be more beneficial and productive for the client.
The first therapy session will usually take longer than any following sessions in order to allow you and your therapists to become comfortable with each other. At your first therapy session, you and your therapists will spend time going over your paperwork to discuss your history, presenting concerns or symptoms you have, and your family dynamics.
Absolutely! In fact, at Life Recovery Counseling you are encouraged to ask your therapist questions which are appropriate during the first session. Some clients use this time to “interview” their therapist because they want to ensure their therapist is a good fit for them.