Ritual Abuse

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Ritual Abuse

Ritual abuse is any repeated, and intentional acts which are done on others. In ritual abuse, there may be as little as one perpetrator, to several perpetrators.

Ritual abuse will often involve a certain religion or belief. There is not one type of religious group that is more involved than another.

Ritual abuse can be found in any religion, denomination, or any belief. Ritual abuse can cross the lines of:

  • Christianity
  • Jewish
  • Hindu
  • Islam
  • Buddhist
  • Pagan

The common theme is that ritual abuse is held in secret, behind the scenes using a religious organization as the front.

Abusers in ritual abuse can be a leader in a local congregation or in the community and have an outstanding reputation.

Behind the scenes, this individual may have a secret life that those in his/her congregation or community have no idea about.

Ceremonies are a large part of abuse that takes place within ritual abuse. Often praying, giving sacrifice, and offerings in the name of whatever “god” or spirit the abusers are wanting to please.

When religion is involved, particularly Christianity, scriptures from the Bible is twisted and taken out of context in order to comply with the demands of the abuser. Sex is possibly a huge part of ritual abuse ceremonies, as well as blood sacrifices.

When an individual has been a victim of ritual abuse, healing can take place. Overcoming the effects of ritual abuse can be difficult and challenging but with the support of a caring therapist, the healing can be achievable.